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Marriage Challenge & Prayer Bundle

Marriage Challenge & Prayer Bundle

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📖 Key Features:

  • Daily Time In The Word: You will be diving into the Word of God every single day.
  • Practical Insights: You will be encouraged and inspired by the devotionals written by Cody. How he combines his life's stories and the Word of God will give you fresh perspective in your life and marriage
  • Deepen Your Bond with Daily Challenges: Every day you will have a challenge to accomplish with or for your wife. These are where some incredible trust and passion is built and reignited. 
  • Daily Prayer For Your Wife: 28 Prayers For My Wife is the PERFECT companion book to On Purpose Husband! It's kinda why we bundled them together!

🌟 Why Choose These Books?

  • Expertise of the Author: With 15 years of marriage under his belt, 6 kids, 15 years as a coach, and 10 years as a pastor, Cody will not only guide you to grow closer to God, but, also to your wife.

Whether you're looking to reignite the spark in your marriage or seeking a deeper connection with your spouse and God, these books are your compass. Commit the next 28 days to God and your wife and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS! Secure your books now and let prayer reshape your marital and spiritual life. 🙏

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